Berkeley Cars

In 2010, I was fortunate enough to spend a semester at UC Berkeley’s iSchool. During the time, I lived at Sacramento Street and walked (or cycled) up to the campus every day. My eyes were attracted by the combinations of old cars and American houses. One day, I took my camera and wandered through the streets.

IMG_7884 IMG_7883 IMG_7882 IMG_7881 IMG_7880 IMG_7879 IMG_7877 IMG_7876 IMG_7874 IMG_7873 IMG_7871 IMG_7870 IMG_7868 IMG_7866 IMG_7863 IMG_7862 IMG_7861 IMG_7860 IMG_7859 IMG_7858 IMG_7857 IMG_7856 IMG_7855 IMG_7854 IMG_7853 IMG_7851 IMG_7850 IMG_7845 IMG_7841 IMG_7840 IMG_7839 IMG_7838 IMG_7837 IMG_7836 IMG_7834 IMG_7832 IMG_7831 IMG_7830 IMG_7829 IMG_7826 IMG_7827 IMG_7824 IMG_7823 IMG_7821 IMG_7818 IMG_7817 IMG_7814 IMG_7813 IMG_7812 IMG_7810 IMG_7809 IMG_7807 IMG_7804 IMG_7802 IMG_7800 IMG_7797 IMG_7784 IMG_7783 IMG_7782 IMG_7781 IMG_7780 IMG_7777 IMG_7776 IMG_7774 IMG_7773 IMG_7772 IMG_7771 IMG_7770 IMG_7769 IMG_7765 IMG_7758 IMG_7757 IMG_7755 IMG_7754 IMG_7752 IMG_7748 IMG_7743